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    Gunz Browser Launch Test


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    Gunz Browser Launch Test Empty Gunz Browser Launch Test

    Post by Heero on Fri 30 Oct 2009, 1:40 pm

    This should open up the prelaunch in a new window. However if you don't already have ijji Gunz installed you will need to install it first. I'm downloading the client from a mirror on ijji's download page as we speak. Then I'm going to test this bad boy. All credits go to demi.

    .:: Known Issues! ::.
    -Launcher Opens but when I hit Play Gunz button it doesn't start the game, instead it opens a window telling me to check my firewall or try again in a little bit.
    FIX!: This problem is caused by trying to run Gunz via web browser, and not having Gunz up-to-date, simplest way to fix this is get your buddy to RAR up his gunz folder (c:\ijji\ENGLISH\gunz) and send it to you or upload it somewhere. Once you have it, extract it to c:\ijji\ENGLISH and MERGE folders and OVERWRITE ALL FILES. This should fix this problem. If the problem still occurs then the launcher is blocked and you really do need to adjust your firewall and fix your ports.

    Pressing this button will open a new tab and start the ijji gunz launcher. It may prompt you for login if you're not logged in on the website.

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