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    Post by Heero on Sun 11 Jul 2010, 11:49 am

    Note this is a thread that I created on my 7thSanctum forum a while back. It's mostly pertaining to 7thSanctum and I'll update it later.

    If you have nothing better to do, make your own Origins post Very Happy then we can fill all of the gaps of how we met. I'm going to add some Rockstars stuff to this as well.

    First of all, I have received a lot of messages from people all over Gunz calling this clan a rip off of 7thAzure...or whatever the hell they are called. I would like to be very clear when I say, I had no idea a clan called 7thAzure even existed...I could honestly care less who the hell they are, and I am most certain that my name is not a rip off of them.

    The Beginning
    This clan started with a small idea behind it. At first me and my good friend Niko (a.k.a. Darcado) wanted to created a closed private clan that consisted of only 5 people. At the time I couldn't get the word Sanctuary out of my mind, but I didn't think a volume (1st 2nd 3rd 4th etc) followed by Sanctuary sounded quite right. Slowly my mind started twisting words around, till I finally had the misshapen thought of Sanctum. However, 5th Sanctum didn't sound as appealing as some others. So I decided to go with 7th Sanctum. This is completely how my clan was founded as far as it's name goes. A legitimately authentic name developed through some light pondering. Anyone that says otherwise is a senseless twat and doesn't deserve to speak the name.

    The Roots
    Although this clan is fairly new, it has a deep past behind it. The clan itself consists of many of my past clan's members. The clans these members originate from are: HellKnights/HadesKnights, Restored/Relinquished, and several *Rockstars* members as well.

    Part I: The Legion of ijji
    Overall I have been playing Gunz over the past 5 years off and on. I started off playing iGunZ back when it was fairly new, and played all the way until open beta of ijji when I couldn't access the International Servers anymore. I played Open Beta under the user name of Yuna, I deleted the character shortly before open beta week ended and they started the real game. A lot of people asked me why I did this, the main reason was it was on my friends the time I got the chance to go online again and make the character, the name was already taken... For about 3 months I stopped playing gunz and went to play other things...mostly Runescape and console stuff. After I made it passed that little phase, I got back into gunz, and under the name ±Vash± I went at it. At about level 20 I was unsatisfied with my results and decided to play under a new name, and a female character as well. That character's name was ±†grave†±. It took me about 5 months of weekends to get up to level 35, and by 38, I was pulled in by a new entity. Clan Restored.

    Part II: The Restored Chronicles (A quest 4 tale)
    A girl going by the username of -=Lyger=- who was the Leader of a new-found clan named Restored met me in a Gladiator room I had made named, "Enchanted Sword Fights Only". She was very satisfied by how I handled myself in a sword fight and shortly asked me to tryout for her clan. I didn't see anything wrong with joining a clan at that point, so I happily agreed. I passed with flying colors and became her right hand admin. After two weeks the clan was completely full and I had made some interesting friends. IEyeAye, the second admin in command...who later became the leader of clan Relinquished (getting ahead of myself, continue that story soon)... Reystay, a really nice guy and fun person to play gunz with, Darcado (who you've already heard about.) and a little bit less known at the time, Oliver (Revolved), and a guy named Bryan (awsom3) who still plays today in quest 3 and CWNA. Together we made up the regulars of the clan, and people would address us about topics they needed help with. We were a nice community with a few egos here and there that were quickly disposed of. Also on a lesser note, there is an ego in the present day, known simply as Freedom, he was also in our clan, and harassed IEyeAye for a good 6 months till we left quest 4. There were a few drama sessions in that clan, and it slowly led to the ultimate demise of the clan itself. It starts with the following events. Lyger, the leader of the clan, got her computer taken away for a good 2 months, in this time she left me in charge of the clan. After 1 month people started to lose their loyalty to the clan, and started doing things that were less than honorable, I kicked them with good reasons. Two weeks after that I got news from Lyger that she would be returning in 9 days to re-lead the clan. I had told her of what I had been having to do and she didn't think much of it. within the next 7 days I had left the clan, and came back under the Member Grade. Lyger returned and went ballistic when she saw that I wasn't an admin and that her other admin Orgy had let in a bunch of noobs. She punished me for this incident and my good friend Claire (IEyeAye) didn't appreciate that. Not one bit at all. So I was kicked from the clan, Claire followed me around, Revolved had been slightly inactive for a bit, Niko never had an idea of what was going on, and Reystay was grounded. Bryan was fairly in the loop, but stayed with Lyger. Shorty after I was kicked, Lyger became even more emotionally unstable and deleted the clan. 12 of the original members, including myself, banded together and formed a new clan. Clan Relinquished.

    Part III: The Relinquishment
    Claire, Leader of the clan, Myself, Co-Leader of the clan, Awsom3 third in command, Darcado Admin of the clan, a few other people that were just members of the clan in restored that I didn't mention before, that became significantly less important as well were included. (Note: If you have ever seen 1doggy in quest 3, he use to be a level 50+ with over 10k kills under the name of 666Dark. He deleted that character for unknown reason.). Anywho, continuing with the story, this clan didn't last too long. I was beginning to tire of gunz, and desired a new game to play. Claire was pretty close to me and decided to follow me and play whatever I wanted to. We went through 2 or 3 games, the only one I remember was NosTale. We played other games for a month. Then, I vanished.

    Part IV: Houdini ?
    Forty-Three Days Later I returned. Claire had thought I had died or something, and she was very very clingy as well... She had however, replaced me with a guy named Will (Peryion (?).). Now I had thought Lyger was socially unstable, but this guy took the fucking cake. He was a flipping compulsive lying nutcase. I mean he would treat himself like crap to get so much attention, talked about how he was shot in the back and there was a good chance he would suffer from paralysis...Lot of ego driven drama. Claire was ... innocent you could say. She believed a lot of stuff, and that was one of her problems. At the time she was in a clan under the name [F]riend[S], and like the last, she was the leader, the only difference was it took me 3 days to run into her after my sudden disappearance. When I had returned the only people that I knew remaining in the clan were Awsom3, Revolved who had disapeared for an entire clan generation, and Darcado. Claire, Oliver, and I, decided to go play other games. Will was just too much and we needed something to get our minds off of his freaking problems. We tried a few games, from WarRock, to Exteel. We even stopped playing games all together and just chatted on msn for a good 3 weeks. Around that time. I disappeared once again. Without saying a word, Poof. However, this time I hadn't blocked anyone, I simply stopped going online altogether.

    Part V: The Re-Birth of HeeroYamato
    I came back after being quite pleased with beating Final Fantasy X, and decided it was time to rebirth an old alter ego of mine, he went by the name of Heero Yamato. His origins were my first gunz character, ever. I gave birth to the thought back on iGunz and decided it was time to give him life once again. (Another note, this was 3 months before the Hades Chronicles.). I played On this character till about level 15 and decided to reappear once again in the [F]riend[S] roster. I was surprised to see that the clan had been disbanded, or that I had been kicked. I hunted down Dar and he had said that Claire just up and deleted the clan. I waited about 4 days and finally got contact of Claire. She was more than happy to see me once again, and she decided to go ahead and give one last shot at a new clan, this time without that god forsaken guy named Will. (Also note, the only person to ever gift oly permanent prems, has been that Will guy.) ._. ..... This clan was the Cascade Chapter.

    Part VI: Cascade
    This clan doesn't have much of a story behind it, Claire became inactive and started playing Soldier Front a lot more often, she had tired of gunz and was completely uninterested in it anymore. Around the beginning of May(2008) I decided to continue my HeeroYamato Conquest and began his training once again.


    Part VII: Xiguian
    I'm not quite sure when I met this fellow, but it was sometime inbetween the creation of [F]riend[S] and Cascade. Back then he was merely a level 20ish guy, nothing out of the ordinary, he excelled with a sword as I did around that level. Nice guy. I began to follow him around when I saw him online in quest 3. He spent most of his time in gladiator fights. One day I followed him to a clan channel that I had never before seen. they were the HadesKnights.

    Part VIII: The HadesKnights
    I had spent the last two weeks of may(2008) messing around in training games with the HadesKnights. I had only wanted to join their clan just to prove that my cousin wasn't good enough to get in. He only wanted in because I was there all the time...and he worshiped their superior abilities as players. I decided that I had a new goal in gunz. My goal became to one day defeat the Legendary Xiguian in a sword duel. So I quickly joined. (Somehow, I managed to join the clan without Xiguian even knowing that HeeroYamato was infact his former acquaintance ±†grave†± from quest 4.) MobStability, an admin of the clan invited me after my two weeks of hanging out. He decided that I was a worth candidate for the clan and was more than happy to add me. It took me two weeks after that to finally get Xig aware of my presence. This happened through a duel game at the catacombs, where I became a bit more popular with the Gentry of the clan. That is also when Xiguian realized that I was infact grave, because I had to switch characters to be able to beat him. Soon after that a new saga began. This phase of evolution was called, DevilDogs.

    Part IX: The Devil Dogs
    Originally the idea was that our clan would merge with this clan known as the DevilDogs. We would be able to keep our name and stuff, but we would join their xfire clan and get to use their teamspeak. This was quickly halted by a internal dispute between kent (our substitute leader, because the real leader of the clan had been doing work related things in her home life.) and the Devil Dogs Gunz Division Leader, Dirt. Within an hour of this dispute, kent had ordered all members to go to quest 2, and raid the DevilDogs Clan Channel. We talked civilly for a few minutes till kent showed up and then began our rain of terror. Team Deathmatch Extreme Matches at Battle Arena, and Island. Here's the fights if your interested:
    Battle Arena