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    Happy Bday to ?!?


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    Happy Bday to ?!? Empty Happy Bday to ?!?

    Post by Slinky on Fri 25 Dec 2009, 9:28 pm

    Happy Bday to ?!? Ballof10
    /Found the cutest kitten on the web, now urs~

    Happy Birthday imnottalkingaboutbabyjesus Dx Anyways, best wishes to you and hope you have a good one ..and since people want to take the Christ out of Christmas these days then I should probably say Have a Happy Mas. Also I like to congratulate my self. Why you ask? Becauase it makes me feel special...

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    Happy Bday to ?!? Empty Re: Happy Bday to ?!?

    Post by Xinuix on Sat 02 Jan 2010, 12:43 am


    Well...sorry for those that are sour, but I still say MErry Christmas <_<; I said it a whole bunch and I was santa this year at the rink SO...IT AIN'T DEAD YET!

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