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    Clan Rulebook Empty Clan Rulebook

    Post by Slinky on Tue 25 Nov 2008, 9:05 pm

    Any part of this rulebook can change at anytime, and you are responsible for keeping up with it.

    1.) Play a respectable game. Do not hack. Do not swap.

    2.) No egoing, name calling, excessive tking, and immaturity.

    3.) No infinite/glitch questing allowed.

    4.) Don't insult people, unless they do it first. Then, it's hilarous.

    5.) Insubordination... Don't do it.

    6.) Do not beg the leader to be admin.

    7.) To clan war, you must go with someone approved by a admin or leader.

    8.) Stay active. We are a small clan, so if no one is online play on alternate acct, commitment is everything.

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