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    Guide to the Right Mentality on Gunz: Noob to Pro


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    Guide to the Right Mentality on Gunz: Noob to Pro Empty Guide to the Right Mentality on Gunz: Noob to Pro

    Post by Slash on Thu 15 Oct 2009, 1:50 am

    Well, I was on GunZFactor and I stumbled across a thread about the mentality of a GunZ player, I read it and I found out that its quite a good guide and an enjoyable read overall so I'm going to share the thread with you guys. Even though a lot of our players have been playing GunZ for well over a year now its nice to read this anyways and touch up on a couple subjects, and who knows? You might learn something, I did. I did not make this tutorial btw, Onigiri from GunZFactor did and I'm just sharing it with you guys, however, the guide is not finished and I will update this thread in time with his updates in GunZFactor. So yeah, hope you enjoy this as much as I did!


    I decided that I wanted to do more to help new players just starting out in Gunz. As you all know, Gunz is a very rough place to start out as a newbie. Just taking a look at the general level of skill of players today as opposed to players back in 2005 or 2006, you can obviously see that there is a massive difference. This is one of many reasons why we lose so many newcomers, and these newcomers are vital to the life of our community. Sooner or later, the Gunz community will fall flat on the ground, dead. So let's all do our best to keep our community healthy by feeding it new players.


    Gunz the Duel is a fantastic game to fall in love with. It may not be as beneficial to fall in love with a well-known game such as COD4, Halo, etc; however, playing Gunz and succeeding in it will be just as satisfying. I know, that there are many many guides on how to K-style or how to D-style and such and such, but there are relatively few guides or even posts on how you should think in a round of Gunz. For a newcomer going over these guides, they can have many different reactions to these technique guides. Many of course will be excited and anxious to learn these techniques and burn themselves out trying to learn them all in one day (Haha). Others may feel overwhelmed, or even intimidated by the massive amount of techniques they must master in order to compete with the adept old-timers and the talented newcomers. In order to properly cope with these sort of mixed reactions of a fresh new Gunz player, I have written a guide to abide by mentally as you play.

    This guide will be written in three parts:

    The Beginning

    The Middle

    The End


    The Beginning

    Welcome to Gunz the Duel! You my friend have had no prior experience with unknown, yet very unique games such as the TPS we all know and love: Gunz =D But I assure you, although there are many alternatives to games in which the player is greatly rewarded for having an outstanding level of skill; Gunz is a game that will keep you coming back to over and over again after your success.

    Perhaps you've already watched a few frag videos from our talented movie editors. Maybe that was what brought enough interest for you to download the game and give it a try. Or perhaps you just wanted to try a new game that quite literally requires raw skill to perform well. In any case starting out in Gunz is treacherous. To be quite honest with you I have not revisited the Entry-Level channels in two years. However, after seeing some CW Atlantic regulars leveling their alts in Veteran-Channel frightens me. I am not just frightened for myself, but I frightened for you, the newbie.

    Unlike some people I am able to sympathize with how much difficulty you face when you're confronted with a 4-year Gunz veteran. It is absolutely demoralizing and incredibly frustrating. I will tell you right now, DON'T QUIT because they are people vastly better than you. It's simply just the wrong attitude to have on anything that requires skill. If you quit now for that reason you will be quitting many other things in life, such as football, basketball, corporate competition, and many other things. Instead take a step back, and analyze the situation. This may be the very first time you do this, and trust me it'll relieve you a great deal of frustration.

    You are the newbie
    -No knowledge of any Style
    -Very mediocre aim
    -Hardly have any grasps on the general mechanics
    -No idea on how to deal with the way people converse >.> (ego)

    The 4-Year Veteran
    -Racks up kills like a Spartan building a Persian wall
    -Performs his/her style on instinct
    -Pushed his/her attributes to perfection (aim/swords)
    -Makes sure that they are to be taken seriously (you walk - you die)

    As you can see "newbie" cannot = "4 years of experience". In order to play at that level you need to dissect all of the pro's good traits and incorporate them as your own.

    So although you may not have any knowledge about styles and techniques, you should still be able to build a list of things you must improve on to compete with a strong fellow.


    Style: How you carry yourself in a game, your general play style. (aggressive/passive/etc)

    -The 4-year vet has his style, and you don't. Fix this
    -The 4-year vet knows when to use and not to use their style. Remember this.

    Technique: What moves your style requires in order to perform at its full potential.

    -You still haven't chosen a style yet, so there's a massive amount of information that can be included on "Techniques to learn and improve on"

    Attributes: Just like an RPG character in a game. Your stats as a player.

    -Aim. How often do you hit? He hits you 7/10 - 8/10 consistently, and that's when you're trying to avoid his bullets.

    -Close-range. He's a k-styler, so he prefers swords over daggers. For this guide let's rate sword skills 1 - 10. This stat deals with how proficient a person is in close-combat. This guy is given a rating of 7/10 he's absolutely perfected TBF, DBF, BF, and instas. His knowledge in angles is very poor on the other hand, but he is smart enough to use his skills in situations where his lack of knowledge doesn't become a disadvantage (run away from a gladiator and spam him down). When it comes to gladiator skills, this rating system can get tricky, even I don't know enough to have a good say on it. You could just have a slow DBF and a good BFLY with pro angling skills to beat someone who is buzzing around with TBF. For now I'll just give a general feel for the rating I'm giving.

    1 - New guy smashing the left click button
    2 - New guy smashing the left click and shift button, fancy isn't it?
    3 - New guy gets good doing all of the above.
    4 - Experiments with butterfly, knows how to do Light-Step
    5 - Perfects BFLY, moves onto DBF
    6 - Perfects BFLY, uses BFLY in all appropriate situations. Perfects DBF.
    7 - Perfects BFLY, DBF, and uses them both appropriately. Learns to insta and possibly TBF.
    8 - Knows all sword techniques, uses them wisely. Learns how to angle in all techniques.
    9 - Gladiator status, this guy isn't someone you want to get near.
    10 - Well, if he/she is this good they're probably a bit known in the Glad community.

    Yes, it's a bit long just for swords (Sorry I have no idea what a D-styler does in a melee fight), but that's because I see so many people disregard how important swords are even in a fight between gunners. If you were to start gunz neglecting your sword skills, in the future people will easily trap you and turtle you; you might as well kiss your 11/10 aim good-bye.

    -Tactics. How smart you are. Tactics... I can never stress enough on how important this skill is. The best gunz clan (whoever that may be) does not have a team full players with 10/10 aim to just stroll down a hallway and 4 - 0 every clan they meet. They are not on top because they are skilled. They are on top because they are smart and skilled.

    As a new player you need to work tactics into the way you play. Although you may not have all the skills to perform well, you can do a good bit of work just using your head. Ask yourself questions.

    Should I run out in the open?
    Should I run out in the open to kill an unexpecting enemy?
    Should I run out in the open to kill an unexpecting enemy with 3 other enemies around him?

    These sample questions can be correctly answered in a multitude of ways depending on the way you play. However, the key is to correctly answer them.

    Q: Should I run out in the open to kill an unexpecting enemy?
    A: Yes! I'm gonna charge out with a massive and smash his face!

    Analyze this, how would this help you? How would it harm you? I'll leave that up to you to decide. If you're new it's good to experiment. You can try things that you or someone else think may be a bad idea and see how it turns out. If it turns out well then you have something new to add to your style of gameplay. So experiment, try new things and keep the good ones in your head whenever you fight.


    There are tons of other situations you may question during your stay in Gunz. Unfortunately I cannot list them for you, this is for you to list yourself. Socialize and ask other members on what to do, someone is bound to help. The important thing is to remember to ask these questions so that you will know what to do the next time a grave situation comes about. By doing this you will only make yourself a better player. Think of it like this for every well answered question you have, you get +1 Tactics!. Just like an RPG haha!

    After assembling a list, similar to the example I have written, you can then chose an area to improve in. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT when you first start out. It's so important that I had to present you with a wall of text just in "The Beginning". With this laundry list you have a source of motivation and an agenda to abide by to actively progress as a Gunz player.

    This list will be long and difficult to go through if you're starting from scratch, but as you move along you'll find that it'll feel very rewarding to watch yourself improve. The less items you have on this list, the better player you will become. And as this list of "Things You Can't Do" grows shorter, the other list of "Things You Can Do" grows longer".

    How to play in "The Beginning"

    When you pick a room to play in, be sure to pick a room where you can exercise your traits to their full potential. For example, don't wander into the free channel and pick a fight against a team of level 70+ players. Although people say it's very helpful to play against people who are better than you, it won't help one bit if they're leagues ahead of you in experience.

    Instead start from square one. I'm assuming you're in the Entry-Level channel so you will have plenty of opportunities to fight against people just starting out like you. Here you can make mistakes, experiment with new techniques, and simply just have a good time playing against people just like you. It's much better than getting killed in three or two shots when you're simply just trying to put your newly acquired basic techniques into good use.

    Take your time as you fight against other people. Don't make the mistake of blindly spamming whatever you have learned. Use your skills appropriately. By doing that you can properly improve yourself as a better player. Imagine yourself using BFLY, you just learned it, but what exactly did you learn of it? Here we have a rock and your enemy. You dash around the two targets, sticking in your BFLY where ever you can. What do you think the BFLY was meant for? Was it meant to be a technique in sculpturing or a technique in which you slash you opponent - and block at the same time in order to avoid any incoming damage? You get the picture. Use what you know for what it was meant for, and you'll notice a remarkable difference in your performance. Only after you're adept at using that technique for what it's made of you can then experiment with it in your own way.

    The next thing is how you feel playing the way you do at this stage. Are you comfortable with the style you have chosen? Is it fun? Do often find yourself being frustrated more often than being in joy? Depending on how you answer these questions you may have to go back on this guide to make sure that you're handling this game in such a hostile environment with the right info. If you're not having fun or finding yourself too often irritated, then face it you won't last long. Just quit now. Or you can remedy this by just doing what I had been doing in this guide. Take a step back, dissect the problem, and analyze it to find your solution.

    That concludes the first part of my guide, "The Beginning". I"m going to stop here because I've satisfied appetite my to write something constructive and helpful, and I also have a lot of work to do. Tell me what you think of it so far so I when I finish the guide it will be as helpful as possible. Or if it's just a waste of time to read and digest.

    Anyways there will be more to come later.

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    Guide to the Right Mentality on Gunz: Noob to Pro Empty Re: Guide to the Right Mentality on Gunz: Noob to Pro

    Post by Xinuix on Thu 15 Oct 2009, 1:49 pm

    Good points, though I believe there is still a lot of things he needs to define. The newbies wouldn't know anything about angling, or BF, or DBF, etc. let alone what they mean, so I think it would help if he explained what those are.

    Also, the veterans are just as responsible for newbies leaving as the newbies themselves. He's focusing on the newbie right now, that's for sure, and making sure the user is able to grasp the difficulty of the game, and enjoy the competitive environment it provides. It's cool, but skill gaps should not be overshadowed by psychological gaps. I don't want a newbie who's learning to end up having an ego because he/she is all of a sudden a 7/10.

    Meh, I really liked the read, and I was doing it in class, so that goes to show I paid attention to noting O_O.

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    Guide to the Right Mentality on Gunz: Noob to Pro Empty Re: Guide to the Right Mentality on Gunz: Noob to Pro

    Post by PedoBear on Thu 15 Oct 2009, 4:07 pm

    If I had to rate myself I'd pick 3/10

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    Guide to the Right Mentality on Gunz: Noob to Pro Empty Re: Guide to the Right Mentality on Gunz: Noob to Pro

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