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    How to use Garena for L4D


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    How to use Garena for L4D Empty How to use Garena for L4D

    Post by PedoBear on Sat 06 Jun 2009, 1:02 am


    Follow these steps...

    1. Make sure your developer console is enabled.

    2.On the main menu go to Options -> Keyboard/Mouse -> Developer Console -> Enable

    3. Press '~' key on your keyboard to call the console.

    4. Then type in connect [space] [IP address]

    5. To figure out what are the IP addresses of the hosts, go to Lobby of Left 4 Dead on Garena, now on the player list (right hand panel of the lobby) you can see the crossed swords icon beside their names. This obviously mean that they are playing L4D. Simply click their names so a character info would appear including their IP addresses.

    NOTE: A crossed sword icon doesn't necessarily mean that they are the hosts coz they were probably just players who joined someone's game. Now when you tried connecting but the loading bar doesn't fill up, press the console once or twice to return to the main menu, then try other IP addresses until L4D loads thus confirming a connection success. You can also ask or watch out for IPs addresses flashed on the lobby.

    Simple right?

    *****Creating a Campaign or a Versus******

    Just follow steps 1 to 3 above

    3. Then type on the console -----> map [space] [map name]

    4. A list of all maps will appear just after you typed map.

    Example : map l4d_hospital01_apartment. Enter

    Note: Creating a Versus game requires a different map. There is a 'VS' included on the name of the map. For example :

    map l4d_vs_hospital01_apartment. Enter

    NOTE: DO NOT USE THE MENUS TO HOST A GAME because nobody can join you. If you use the menus to create a Campaign or a Versus, it will require STEAM before they can join.

    Since GARENA doesn't allow you to check your own IP, well you can check it at L4D. Just type 'net_start' at the console to see your IP.


    Now just ignore ":27015". And note that every IP addresses has this format 192.168.29.XX, means that only the last two digits are different from every players at the L4D Garena lobby.

    To prevent lag especially on Versus games, it is necessary that you don't join servers from a different country. Or if you're the host, just limit the number of players from other countries joining your game to 2 to 3.

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