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    [Release] 2v2 x8 Tournament Generator


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    [Release] 2v2 x8 Tournament Generator Empty [Release] 2v2 x8 Tournament Generator

    Post by Heero on Fri 01 Jan 2010, 7:25 pm

    Yup. That's right. I made a Tournament Generator. It's pretty simple idea, but it was actually a pain in the ass to accomplish believe it or not.

    All it does is ask you for the names of each contestant, shuffles them up, and divides them into teams of two. This specific release is intended for a 16 person (2v2*4) but I could make one that is for (2v2*8) (4v4*4) or even (4v4*8). I could probably even make one that asks for how many teams and stuff, but for now since a lot of us aren't even that active, I think a 16 person tourney generator will suffice.