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    League of Legends [LoL] Empty League of Legends [LoL]

    Post by Heero on Sat 12 Dec 2009, 3:32 am

    League of Legends is a game based off the popular Warcraft III Custom Map DoTA (Defenders of The Ancients).

    It is a free to play teamwork based game in which the goal of the game is to protect your territory while at the same time destroying theirs. Among the 'Territory' there are 3 structions: Turrets, Inhibitors, and your main spawning thing which I can't remember the name of at the moment. Although there are many units on the battlefield you only control your 'Champion' which you pick before each battle. Your champion has their own unique abilities which you can't change, but in addition you get your own 'Summoner' abilities. Champions don't permanently level up, however, YOU the summoner, do.

    You take the role of a Summoner in which you gain level ups and currency to purchase better champions, skins, runes for abilities and stat ups, and other helpful things. There are 40+ Champions to unlock and use, so if you get bored of one character, you'll always be able to get some new ones, not to mention it gives you a reason and a feel of fulfillment when you win a fight.

    The competitive world of this game is pretty intense, people who have been playing DoTA for the past 8 years really show their experience in this game as well. I seriously suggest a few games with bots before you decide to jump in head first for some hardcore PvP.

    You can have a maximum of up to 5v6 fights and these games aren't short. I don't suggest playing this game if you don't have a lot of time to dedicate to a single game. Also, please don't go afk in the middle of a game if you do decide to play, one afk person can mean the difference between winning and losing. Average I'd say these games last anywhere from 30 Minutes ~ 1 Hour and 30 Minutes each.

    Anyways I think I've rambled on enough about the game, if you're interested the game is 1.75GB after updates, and the graphics are pretty nice for a F2P MMO. Although the game is rather difficult to run, so I don't suggest playing this game unless you have at least a Nvidia 6 Series or Higher. Even then you'll only be able to play on the lower graphics settings without crippling screen lag. If you're still interested here's a link

    Official League of Legends Website


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